Official Batman: Arkham Knight Trailer – “All Who Follow You”

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When it comes to superheroes you don’t get much better than Batman. When it comes to video games based on superheroes you also don’t get much better than Batman – or at least where Rocksteady Studios is concerned.

After releasing two critically acclaimed (fancy talk for “awesome”) games in Batman: Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, both of which are widely acknowledged as two of the best superhero-VG adaptations of all time, we got Arkham Origins. The prequel developed by Warner Bros was at best a bit “meh” and at worst caused die-hards to wet their capes in anguish at the thought of a potentially iconic trilogy let down at the last hurdle.

But fear not caped crusaders – Rocksteady is back. Like Origins never existed it has decided to finish its series with the game every Batman fan deserves, and importantly also the one it needs.

Here we have Batman: Arkham Knight – the trailer for which takes us right back to the superb fight choreography, stunning visuals and chilling voices that made the first two such a fun ride. Batman at his peak takes on Scarecrow, who convinces a whole host of enemies to team up to finally (attempt to) kill the Dark Knight.

June 23rd – start counting the days.

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