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Unless you’re averse to tying your own laces there hasn’t been anything particularly interesting going on in the shoe market since those annoying flashing LEDs that kids have built into their trainers.

You don’t see many of them around these days, but Orphe is a company that thinks this sort of footwear still has legs. Its Indiegogo-fuelled venture aims to ensure that talented dancers and street performers received the attention they so crave and deserve by shrinking an entire room full of disco lights into a sole-sized enclosure and strapping it to the bottom of your feet.

Each shoe houses advanced motion sensors and a total of 100 full colour LEDs along with a wireless module to transmit the movements to a computer or handheld and help create those cool “aura” effects you can see in the video. Lights can be controlled remotely or set to change along with the speed and orientation of the wearer’s movements, which can also be uploaded and shared so you can “learn” other people’s dance routines or use them to wirelessly control other devices. People are being encouraged to come up with their own applications so if the Orphe gets a nice community following you can expect some pretty ingenious uses for either the lighting or movement capture, including but not limited to a horrible series of 8 Mile style dance-off movies.  Lace ‘em if you got ‘em!

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