Parrot Hydrofoil Drone

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Parrot has made a name for itself building fancy tech toys and remains unquenched in its thirst to churn out Bond-esque gadgetry for big kids. This time it’s taking to the water with the new Hydrofoil Drone, which promises to be about as much fun as you can have with Smartphone outside of Incognito mode.

This ingenious little robot is actually the combination of an existing Minidrone, which attaches Transformers-style to a Hydrofoil base unit. The drone’s engines provide the propulsion and can help it reach speeds of 6mph while it glides across the water about two inches from the surface and turn on a dime without capsizing. Detach the drone, which sadly it seems must be done manually, and it’ll almost double this speed in the air.

The best bit is that everything can be controlled via an app on your Smartphone, so there’s plenty of skill-based competition to be had pushing these babies to the limit, and a built in camera gives you a first-person perspective from the point of view of the drone as well as allowing you to save photos and video to impress your friends.

As is often the case, a video will help to illustrate exactly how much fun be had here, so roll the clip:

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