Parrot Jumping Sumo

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Remember the kid in school who was lucky enough to own a radio controlled car? At an age when cool toys and gadgets generated you some serious kudos these things were like gold dust, and we can’t imagine anything much has changed. Unfortunately today’s modern soup of technology and innovation demands something a little more special, and fortunately the market is delivering.

Parrot, a typical a purveyor of all things Bluetooth, steps up to the plate here with the Jumping Sumo. It’s a two wheeled “minidrone” (because “radio controlled cars” are so 80s), whose USP involves being able to leap up to 80cm off the floor and land safely on its wheels every time. It can also perform a range of stunts, turns 90° on a dime and has two modes of operation for either agility or high speed. Best of all it’s fitted with a wide-angle camera that can stream all of this craziness direct to your Smartphone.

IF a child can prise this from the vice-like grasp of his previously well-intentioned father and/or sticky-fingered teacher, they’re guaranteed to be sipping from the cup of popularity in no time. While you’re waiting for the toy store to open, why not check out a video:

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