Pebble Steel Premium Smartwatch

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It’s no secret that technology firms are getting very busy promoting “wearable tech” in 2014, and this inevitably includes watches. For that you can blame David Hasselhoff and his talking car, whose influence lives on to this day. Emerging from a smorgasbord of early, mostly clunky designs that’d have you walking around in circles are devices that you might actually want to place on your wrist, and one of these is surely the Pebble Steel.

Genuinely attractive, genuinely wearable and genuinely guaranteed to bamboozle grandparents who would swear that your digital watch was analogue the last time they looked (plenty of fun to be had at the next family get-together there), it’s one of the most impressive efforts we’ve seen yet.

A product of the KickStarter regime, it became the most funded KickStarter project to date in May 2012, and the new designs got some serious interest at 2014’s CES in Las Vegas. Wowing viewers with a waterproof design, 5-7 day battery life and of course support for a bunch of assorted apps that allow you to do stuff like check your emails, get directions via voice navigation, track your running schedule and a whole lot more, this is definitely on the “want” list.

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