Peugeot ONYX sofa

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For the first time in my life, I’m excited by a sofa. Perhaps it’s because I’m a James Bond fan and my first thought at the sight of the Peugeot Onyx was “damn, that’d look good in a secret underground lair”. Or perhaps it’s because I’m dead inside and the sofa reflects the cold bleakness (yet stylistic minimalism) of my psyche. Either way, this thing is so manly it radiates an air of testosterone thick enough to spontaneously impregnate any woman that comes within a few feet.

Peugeot’s website is refreshingly scant on details, because real men don’t have time to read. But a series of “making of” photos and a video beginning with a team of workmen carving a whacking great big rock from the side of a volcano tells you all you need to know. It’s then attended to by boffins in lab coats before being fashioned into shape and attached to custom-moulded, hand-finished carbon fibre – you know, the stuff very expensive cars are made of.

Hence the link to Peugeot. The ONYX Sofa was created as a “static accompaniment” to its ONYX trio of superbike, supertrike and supercar, whose bodywork uses a similar mix of carbon fibre, though presumably without the volcanic rock. Really, we just think it’s an excuse to build the manliest sofa the world has ever seen.

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