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The problems with relying on the neighbourhood kids to shovel the snow from your drive is much the same as the problems with street hookers – they’re only available certain hours, they don’t take credit cards and you can’t always tell whether they came. Plowz, an on-demand snow plow service, solves all this.

As an egalitarian app that can save both Apple and Android users from being buried in snow, Plowz will assign a plower to your home based on your desired time and location. There’s no need for tips or invoices, everything is billed to your credit card and you’ll receive a photo of your freshly plowed driveway so you can check their work and have something new to bore people with on Twitter or Instagram.

Plowz is already established in five greater urban areas in New York state, Wisconsin and Minnesota, with several new locations set to be rolled – or plowed – out in Michegan, Ohio and New Hampshire.

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