Poquito Wood Wallet

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Your wallet says volumes about you. (Mine has 20 inches of heavy chain hanging off it – read into that what you will). So who wants to be a boring brown square?

Solid. A good history. Stands up to everyday wear and tear and the odd crisis – the wooden Poquito Wallet by Madera is everything you want for your financial situation, plus it looks good to women, bank managers, bookies and other people who really matter.

The Poquito spells simplicity and fast and easy access to all your financial essentials. Each wallet is carved out of a solid piece of wood into a shape and size a little bigger than a credit card, then a custom-moulded elastomer strap securely holds everything in place – cash, cards and coins. Each wallet is hand-polished to a smooth and almost flawless finish.  Wallets come in black walnut, white oak or black cherry. When passers-by find you unconscious, they’re going to reach for your ID already thinking that you’re kind of a big deal. But hopefully it won’t come to that – knock on wood.

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