A container of powerful yogurt next to a handful of blueberries.

Powerful Yogurt

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Fans of USA’s spy drama “Burn Notice” know that super-spy Michael Westin’s favorite snack is yogurt. It’s healthy, packed with protein, and unlikely to give you love handles. Michael Westin is in awesome shape, and tons of guys wish they had Mike’s prowess with the ladies. Is the key to scoring with chicks simply eating a cup of yogurt?

There’s a new yogurt company called “Powerful” is aiming to make men view yogurt as a more masculine treat. The dairy case is filled with yogurt in pink or purple packages, most of which is targeted towards women. Powerful yogurt is targeted towards men who want to “find their inner abs.”

The packaging might seem pretty masculine, but the flavors could be a little more amped up. They currently offer flavors like Banana or Apple Cinnamon. We’re holding out for maple bourbon, black coffee, or dark Mexican chocolate.

It does seem a little silly to segregate yogurt by gender…but then again, no guy wants to be seen scarfing down a cup of that Jamie Lee Curtis “makes you poop better” yogurt. That’s just not manly. Maybe they can get the guy who plays Michael Westin on “Burn Notice.” to be their spokesman. Yogurt commercials need more explosions, and less women.

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