Praud Leaning House

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It would be perfectly reasonable of you to ask exactly why someone would want to live in a house that leans. There are many reasons – it can maximise the amount of natural light that enters during the day, it can increase the internal floor space, it can allow a building’s footprint to remain within regulated limits, and it provides for an interior uninterrupted by partitions.

All of these are reasons why the Praud Leaning House was built as a weekend residence for two retired professors based in Seoul, South Korea; a natural retreat that intends to provide the perfect environment for writing, research and hosting small seminars.  It features a master and second bedroom, mezzanine level with a small library and reading area, a balcony, a family room, and a very modern looking kitchen and bathroom, all designed to maximise the space available in the most effective way possible.

An architect’s dream for sure, and we certainly hope those two retired scientists are grateful.

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