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Jetskis are so 1990s. Yes, they’re great fun, but they’re noisy, inefficient and not very friendly to the environment or to the fish. Enter the Quadrofoil, a modern day alternative that eliminates all of these issues without removing any of the enjoyment.

With an all-electric outboard motor and advanced steering system not a drop of oil hits the water, so it’s nice and green. It’s the most efficient PWC (Personal Water Craft) around costing just €1 per hour to jet around on, so it’s easy on the pocket. And it can hit speeds of up to 20 knots far more efficiently than even the best conventional craft so it doesn’t skimp on the thrill factor either.

A silent motor and zero emissions means that the Quadrofoil can be used in lakes, rivers, seas and eco-zones that don’t allow motor boats and other PWCs, and at just 100kg it’s light enough to be manoeuvred single handed. It’s also unsinkable and has a built in anti-collision system (not an invitation to test these claims out) so can fairly boast some extra safety credentials as well. Not cheap with prices starting from €15,000, but not beyond the realms of possibility for real enthusiasts either.

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