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Upcycled is the new recycled, and this lamp from designer Max Ashford shows just how cool it can be. Quercus is designed to be a sustainable, stylish and functional desk lamp for professionals, although it also serves as a great illuminated trophy for former alcoholics who saw the light.

Like every good designer piece, Quercus comes with a story. Reclaimed off-cuts of seasoned white oak that were bound for an in indignant end in a fire have been steam bent into a tight curve, using only water over a damaging, high embodied energy method like laminating. All the wood has been sourced from within 10 miles of where the lamps are made so that no further environmental impact is made through the burning of fossil fuels in transportation or the use of polystyrene for truckers’ take-out burgers. The lampshade is an upcycled wine bottle cut in half and frosted so it emits a warm, soft light via a low power LED GU10 bulb.

Story aside, Quercus is a lamp that looks like it belongs on an old ship sailing the high seas, or something fashioned by an early settler on some remote tropical island – but it also adds an adventurous touch to your desk.

Image via lewisgillingham

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