Real Money Monopoly

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If you’re a bit of a Monopoly nut you’d probably look at a game of Monopoly that’s played for real money and say “pffft – we do that all the time”. But that’s exactly what’s on offer for the iconic board game’s 80th anniversary – the difference being Hasbro is supplying the cash.

It is celebrating 80 years of helping families fall out all over the world by offering 80 games that have been randomly selected and had their play money replaced by the real thing. Only a single box will land the jackpot though – every game note here has been replaced for a total cost of over 20,000 Euros. Another 10 sets contain €300 and the other 69 have a piffling €150, but you’re still getting a free game and enough money to get everyone drunk for the weekend.

The idea came about after Hasbro France, where the game originated, asked its customers what they wanted to find in their Monopoly boxes only to discover that – shock, horror – most of them asked for real money. And so an operation to carry out the switch took place in deadly secret before the games were rolled out as normal, though you’ll have to travel to France and pick up a box or 10 of Monopoly Classic, Junior, Electronic or Vintage, any of which could have the real cash.

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