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The Swiss may have invented time, but they’re no longer the only big kahunas when it comes to high-end watches (or timepieces – the correct term once the price goes over $5000). Bold, brassy and all-American watchmaker Refined Hardware has risen up out of LA.

Let’s face it, many watches at the pointy end of the market are gaudy bracelets or the type of thing Liberace might have used as an oven timer. Refined Hardware watches look tough, mean and practical, like the mark of a self-made man who’s still prepared to knock heads and get his hands dirty.

The Refined Hardware range looks like they’ve been lovingly honed from parts pulled out of the best of American muscle cars. And quite frankly, the Robber Baron is the pretty boy of the bunch.

Three-dimensionally cut numerals in gold and bronze are set against hyper-reflective gold finished hands in a unique six-piece forged design. In a brief nod to the holey cheese-lovers, the watch uses Swiss electro-mechanical movement and it has a Guilloche (fancy engraving you’d usually see on things like Faberge eggs) bezel and crown with pure sapphire crystal. It’s waterproof of course, has a steel band and it’s as durable as a sledgehammer.

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