Riding On Thin Air

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We still feel bad that mountain biking wasn’t included in our extreme activities feature, especially after seeing Danny Macaskill’s superb ascent of The Ridge. Now we feel worse.

Riding on Thin Air stars Kelly McGarry and Jeremy Lyttle, two experienced extreme bikers who were taken to the Khardung La, higher than they’d ever been before, and challenged to put their brains and bodies on the line simply for our entertainment. And for Mercedes to help promote its M-Class.

As the highest vehicle-accessible mountain pass in the world at 5,602 meters, the pair were challenged to the downhill race of their lives by a Mercedes driver who was presumably tucked up nicely in an air-conditioned cabin full of air bags and reinforced safety bars and all the other stuff you don’t get if you’re riding on a carbon fibre frame. Combining mountain ranges with narrow back-alleys and parkour-style navigation of the local towns, but on bikes, it’s an exhilarating ride punctuated by some comedy moments where they genuinely seem to be enjoying a bit of pampering from the locals.

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