Roberto Bernardi

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In the immortal words of Oscar Wilde: “All art is quite useless”. This may well be true, but it doesn’t stop rich folks from shelling out millions on pieces that look like they’ve been finished by a nest of decapitated pheasants dipped in paint and left to live out their death-throes on a sheet of fibreboard (I’m looking at you, Jackson Pollock).

Still, horses for courses, and one wouldn’t presume to be so bold as to name an artist that can be appreciated by everyone. But would naming one whose works approximate real-world objects to an almost indiscernible degree come close?

Welcome Roberto Bernardi, a young Italian upstart who has created paintings so vibrant and detailed it’s almost impossible to tell they aren’t photos. These truly have to be seen to be believed, and words can’t bring justice to the unreal (yet very real) results of his endeavours. We urge you to check out the link above for more examples of his work, and to hope that he can make it to an exhibition near you.

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