RocketBook: Cloud-Integrated Microwavable Notebook

Apr 8 • Gear • 771 Views • No Comments on RocketBook: Cloud-Integrated Microwavable Notebook

We’ve already seen evidence of the fact that technology companies think people are struggling to do away with the old paper and pen. Who knows if this is actually true, or if there’s even a requirement any more to ensure that your handwriting is of a standard higher than the crazed scrawling of a hyperactive child.

Either way we’re not done with the ink and parchment quite yet so if you do miss the freedom of the scribble or have a genuine reason to need to use “freehand” to take notes or draw charts, something like the Rocketbook should help drag these ancient techniques into the modern age. It’s quite ingenious really – a 50 page notebook that you write on in the normal way that through witchcraft can then send your notes to “the cloud”.

Pick your poison –  Dropbox, Evernote, Google Docs, your email address – simply draw a mark on one of the “magic buttons” at the bottom of the page, which have been preset to your favourites, and all your stuff gets uploaded. And just to underline the fact that the Rocketbook was clearly created by someone who is equal parts crazy and genius, you can erase your scribbles by cooking it in the microwave. We dare you to not want one.

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