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What do you call a Rhino without a horn? A hippo. What do you call a Ryno without a horn? A Ryno. It’s the same thing – a one-wheeled bastard child of a Harley Davidson and a Segway, and damn it looks like fun!

Take a look:

Try to ignore the casual city-dwelling riders petering along slowly, paying due care and attention to other road users and pedestrians; we can only begin to imagine the fun to be had on a Ryno. Things you’ll need to learn how to do include turning on a dime – it pivots 360 degrees around its vertical axis, fitting some Nitros Oxide – it only has a 10mph top speed, and keeping a track of charging stations – it’s only capable of around 10 miles from a full charge of its two replaceable SLA batteries.

The Ryno may not be entering the next Red Bull X-fighters Motorsports Tour any time soon, but as a flash way to pick up groceries, what’s not to like? Prices start at $5,295 with running costs quoted at “just a penny per mile”. That’s my two cents.

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