Seiko Astron GPS Solar Watch

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Ever been accused of having a god complex? This is the watch for you, as every time you look at it is like looking down at the Earth through the stratosphere. Just to remind you where you stand in the world.

The domed sapphire crystal cover of the SEIKO Astron GPS Solar watch reflects the curve of the stratosphere that protects the Earth. The city codes marked on the dial and their offset times are aligned as they would appear if you were viewing the Earth from above the North Pole. This is the world’s first GPS solar watch, so as long it is exposed to any type of bright light, there’s no need to reset your watch when you change time zones. The Astron pinpoints its location and the exact time there at the touch of a button that activates a signal from the atomic clocks in four or more GPS satellites (in case the NSA don’t already know where you are).

There are five very hardy models of the Astron, perfect for the globetrotter – the sapphire crystal in the cover is second only to diamond in hardness, while three models come in titanium cases and the straps are either extra-strength silicon or crocodile.

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