Shark Diver

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Let’s play top-trumps. Subject matter? Number of human deaths caused per year. Tell you what, you can have the Great White Shark card! Sound good?

It isn’t. That’s the worst card in the deck. Everything from roller coasters (6 deaths per year) and coconuts (150) to high-school football (20) and even a damned vending machine (13) beats everyone’s favourite nautical monster’s paltry total of 5.

Of course it would help if people jumped into shark-infested waters more often, and thanks to you can help raise the profile of this toothy killer by doing just that. Ok, so this isn’t really about sending crazy people to their untimely death – there is a shark cage available, but on the other hand there’s unlimited beer and wine (we’d bloody well hope so for $3300 per head). Up to 16 divers can join on a trip around the volcanic island of Guadalupe (volcanoes – 845 deaths per year) where you’ll meet Bruce and Shredder – 15-foot behemoths who have been tagged and lovingly nicknamed “the locals” by, well, the locals.

It’s a popular experience that’s largely booked up for this year already, so if you’re interested you’d better get in there sharkish.

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