Shwood Eyewear Newspaper Collection

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Picture the scene – it’s your first meeting at a creative design company and you’re expected to impress.  “How about turning old newspapers into sunglasses” you blurt out, nervously. Everyone goes quiet. You move to get your coat when the boss slams his fist on the desk, but sit back down when he declares “I love it”.

An unlikely scenario perhaps and it may not have gone exactly like that when Shywood conceived its Eyewear Newspaper Collection, but the end result is the same. And the end result actually looks pretty cool, particularly if you’re a fan of the classic Wayfarer style. There’s something intriguingly romantic about a proprietary technique that creates such an accessory from 1600 feet of newsprint that at one point reported on the joys, frustrations and tragedies of the modern world, and in the feeling that every piece is absolutely and unquestionably unique.

There are three versions available including the signature Canby Fifty/Fifty Acetate, Wood Original, and Wood Select, with prices starting from a fairly reasonable €199. Don’t forget to check the small print before you buy.

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