SkyLodge Adventure Suites

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If you often find yourself cursing the fact that you weren’t born with wings and laugh in the face of those with a fear of heights then the SkyLodge Adventure Suites might be just the thing to help calm that raging demon inside. It’s about the closest you’ll come to experiencing what it’s really like to be a bird, or more specifically to live in a bird’s nest, as this series of transparent luxury capsules take you closer to nature than ever before.

Located in the Sacred Valley of Cuzco, Peru, visitors must either climb 400 meters up Via Ferrata or hike around the long way using a series of strategically placed ziplines to reach their own personal haven of one of three exclusive capsule suites, each measuring 24 feet in length and 8 feet in height and width. Popping out for a quick beer in the local bar may not be an option, but fear not because breakfast and a gourmet dinner with wine is transported to you daily by professional bilingual guides (who may or may not be monkeys).

Solar panels provide the lighting and a private bathroom separated from the bedroom by an insulated wall provides the comfort, so all that’s left to do is kick back and enjoy the breathtaking 300 degree views of the majestic Sacred Valley.

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