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If you ever find yourself hard up enough to not be able to afford furniture – specifically bookshelves, chairs and tables, it’s nice to know that these are the sort of items you can improvise with whatever’s lying around.

We’ve got hippies and students to thank for that. With their breeze blocks and their phone directories and rolled up mattresses and the like they created their very own style, one that for some reason is still being imitated today by those to actually have money.

Here’s a slightly more purpose built alternative to those good old days of improvisation that still allows you to put your own personal twist on a home decoration – it’s called the SNAP, a charming Kickstarter campaign that’s the brainchild of two lovely Spanish ladies who graduated in Architecture from ESARQ in Barcelona.

In the video you’ll see Erika and Maria walk you through the concept of using the versatile SNAP assembly system to transform any surface or board into a unique piece of furniture, from coffee tables to TV stands and benches. There are multiple colours, multiple sizes, no drills or additional tools are required and there’s plenty of flexibility in coming up with your own design. But they’re selling out fast! Better make it snappy.

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