Somabar Robotic Bartender

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If you’ve tried and failed at becoming a cocktail maestro then all is not lost – the awesome power of automatons is at your disposal with the Somabar Robotic Bartender, a device that will listen to your tales of woe without interrupting or complaining and whip up a palatable beverage in double-time without you even leaving your seat.

Supplied with the device are a series of Soma Pods – receptacles for all your favourite ingredients that can be quickly swapped in and out of place depending on what you fancy. Then use an app to configure the desired quantities of each and simply hit “mix”. If you’re not sure what you’re doing there are onboard suggestions to point you in the right direction and it can even base these on your preconfigured personal preferences.

The list of creations on the above Kickstarter link is already pretty mind-boggling and as usual you can treat yourself to an early discount if you get in quick.

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