Star Wars The Force Awakens

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Now that The Hobbit trilogy is coming to an end there’s a space to fill in the yearly sci-fi/fantasy blockbuster department, and very little gets a fan-boy’s blood racing like a Star Wars film – especially the first of a new series that’s attempting to erase the horrible memories of Jar Jar Binks and pals.

To say this trailer has been hotly anticipated would be something of an understatement, but here it is – the first proper look at Disney’s new franchise. We’re “teased” with many things over the course of a minute or so of excitement, including a black Stormtroper, which some people seem to think is a big deal for some reason, the return of the X-Wings and Millennium Falcon and a new light-saber that clearly came about due to some pretty angry consumer feedback from a one-handed Darth and son.

Importantly it seems to feel like a call back to the good old days – there’s certainly nothing here to suggest we’ll be let down by the same mistakes made in the recent films. The release date isn’t pretty though – 18th December 2015! Disney, you are a tease.

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