Steady Camera

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Until now, shaky hand-helm camerawork was the distinguishing feature that divided the amateurs from the professional movie-makers – unless, of course, you work with horror or the supernatural. Now that line has blurred with an app that lets anyone with an iPhone 5 or above shoot like a pro with a steadicam stabilizing system – technology that not too long ago involved a heavy rig mounted on what had to be a strong and very sturdy set of shoulders.

Steady Camera allows you to shoot while running, walking, riding a bike or even chasing ghosts and other paranormal activity around your house. It uses an advanced video stabilization technology that reframes your shots in real time to produce smooth footage for cinematic-like quality. If you have ghouls in your basement that make Usain Blake look slow, then you’ll be thrilled with the slow-motion recording. On the iPhone 5/5C you can get 60 frames per second, or 120 frames on the 5S.

You can record in either square 1:1 format or cinema 16:9, alternating between the two with a quick rotation of the camera. The horror that is your family or the supernatural world’s occupation of your home will never look so good.

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