A full course meal being cooked on a SteakStone.


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Steak. It’s juicy. It’s salty. It tastes like meat. What more could you ask for? Maslow’s hierarchy of needs has a secret variant for men that is basically just steak.

That said, cooking a decent a steak in your kitchen can be a bit of a challenge. Getting the right level of seared without burning it can be a bit tricky. The SteakStone hopes to help take the guesswork out of your steer-searing adventures. The theory is that you bake the steak stone in your oven until it reaches an adequate temperature, then remove it, place it on in a decorative wooden tray, and carefully cook your steak on it.

The Steak Stone claims many benefits, predominantly much finer control over the cooking of the meat. And, if you can get over spending a hundred dollars on what is essentially a rock, it’s probably actually a pretty decent way of cooking meat. Plus, come on, it’s an excuse to eat more steak. ¬†How many of those can you have?

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