Office worker sitting in a Steelcase Gesture Chair.

Steelcase Gesture Chair

Nov 5 • Furniture • 1579 Views • No Comments on Steelcase Gesture Chair

Ironic isn’t it? Millennials have absolutely no problem spending over $700 for a smartphone every two years, but you mention a premium office chair and you get a puzzling look.

The fact is, the Steelcase Gesture isn’t your average chair . . . not by a long shot. And if you happen to be one of those who works from a computer (like us), we can say with confidence that a chair of this caliber is a must-have.

The Gesture was designed specifically to support our interactions with today’s technologies and the way we now work. Using a tablet, smartphone, or a traditional keyboard? Slouching, leaning, or stretching? Either way, the Gesture works to adapt to your position and foster movements, rather than restrict them.

And since it is Steelcase we’re talking about, you already know the chair is stylish and well-constructed (limited lifetime warranty included).

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