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The culinary-challenged among us may relate to getting the “stirring job” on a joint cooking operation. It’s an important job but let’s face it, doesn’t leave a lot of room for retaining your dignity or arguing that you really contributed. Here’s an opportunity to solve this problem and find an excuse to put your feet up in front of the football – it’s called the Stirio.

By simply clamping this modern wonder around a pot you can watch it silently stirring the food while your other half dashes frantically around the kitchen trying to stop everything else from burning.

You’ll get an hour of peace and quiet from its rechargeable motor, it’s safe on non-stick surface materials and can be dissembled and slung into the dishwasher when the job’s over, so even clean-up duty is a breeze. Norwegians are fans apparently, after 50,000 units were sold there in just three weeks and it has won a Red Dot Design Award so this is no cheap and cheerful alternative to sheer manpower. For €49.95 we’ll take it.

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