Stump Cracked Log Table/Stool

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Despite looking like a prop from Lord of the Rings/Harry Potter/Insert your fantasy film franchise of choice here, the Stump is actually an ingenious twist of authentic natural materials twinned with modern tech created by Duncan Meerding, and winner of Best Sustainable Design at The Edge awards.

These weather-resistant lamps measure approximately 40cm high by 30cm wide, double as a stool or table and are illuminated from warm LED strip lights that use a custom fixture to achieve the perfect balance of mood lighting and authentic timber. And to add a little more romance to the story, the timber used has been salvaged and the shade of warm, yellow light chosen is meant to represent the fiery fate that it would otherwise have been subjected to – it almost feels like the forest is rewarding you for being such a conscientious environmentalist.

The logs are currently designed to be wired up to the mains but with solar-powered models on the way its eco-credentials are set to be stretched even further. Not cheap at $640 a pop, but for something unique to adorn a back yard or complement a camping trip, it’ll will take some beating.

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