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Despite the fact that we’re clearly not built for it, us humans have always had a strange fascination with spending time in the sea. Thankfully, modern technology and innovative design has helped to reduce our lack of things like gills and fins to a mere inconvenience, and something that’ll help tremendously with the latter arrives in the form of the SUBWING.

Designed to offer a reason for being dragged behind a boat without a parachute or skis, the SUBWING’s streamlined, adjustable carbon fibre design allows you to glide gracefully across the ocean floor, cruise along at the surface or engage in thrilling twists and turns beneath the waves by simply tilting the wings in the direction you want to go.

It can even be used with one hand so those with deeper ambitions can equalise ear pressure under water, and accessories such as a camera mount, custom-built streamlined facemask and lighting systems allow you to get proper serious with your new favourite pastime once up to speed. This can take a while apparently, SUBWING advise against trying anything too crazy without a “reasonable amount of experience”, not that we’d expect that to stop you doing things like this:

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