Supr Slim Wallet in yellow.

Supr Slim Wallet

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Seriously, if you’re one of those guys that thinks his wallet is his purse, it’s time to clean out everything but the cash, credit cards, and identification. Not only does a bulging wallet look tacky, but it can also cause chronic back pain, otherwise known as Wallet Neuropathy (no joke).

The problem, however, with minimalistic leather wallets is that after awhile, they tend to stretch out, leaving your stash unsecured. That’s where the Supr Slim Wallet comes into play. It’s made from a durable, elastic design and is just 3 mm thick thin. Hold 10 cards one week, and the Supr Slim will be just as capable of holding 2 cards the next.

Available in 6 different colors: neon yellow, neon pink, neon orange, black, white, and navy.

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