Sustainability TreeHouse

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If Robin Hood lived in the 21st century (and he weren’t fictional), we’d imagine he’d have skimmed enough money off the top of his regular payments to the poor to afford something a little more swanky than a regular tree house.

It might look something like this – the Sustainability TreeHouse from design architects Mithun. It’s a 3,357 square foot luxury abode in Summit Bechtel Reserve, West Virginia, and is part of a Living Building Challenge to provide dynamic spaces for exploring and learning about the ecosystem from the ground up. Robin and his Merry Men would have struggled to knock this up without the aid of a local B&Q or Home Depot though, as a rather un-nature like towering Corten steel frame forms of the bulk of the structure, alongside photovoltaic panels, wind turbines and a water cleansing system.

Aimed at teaching the Boy Scouts of America a thing or two about energy and water conservation you can climb the outdoor staircase to a 125 foot rooftop that rises above the leaf canopy of the forest. Sounds exciting, though surely they’ve missed a trick by not building in a zip-slide to get back down again.

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