Swash Express Clothing Care System

Swash Express Clothing Care System

Jul 17 • Gear • 1059 Views • No Comments on Swash Express Clothing Care System

The year 2014. Unfortunately we’re not yet riding around on hoverboards. But on the bright side, we now have the ability to automatically dry clean our clothes… at home.

The Swash Express Clothing Care System guarantees to keep your suits, sweaters, and denim fresh at all times. Simply place your clothing inside, insert a Swash Pods cup, press start, and 10 minutes later you’re ready to go. Swash was also nice enough to implement a space-saving vertical design, so the machine will fit nicely into most rooms.

Be warned, however, that this system only removes odor and light wrinkles. That mustard stain you got at the ball game isn’t going anywhere.

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