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Maybe you like to flip the lid off a bottle or crack open a can, but you’ll love your beer even more when you can tap a draft at home. Synek is a draft system about the size of a toaster oven that allows you to fill up your Synek bag with any beer in the world and serve it perfectly chilled and pressurised for 30+ days.

The Synek bags looks much like your bag-in-box wine bags, but they can maintain up to 30PSI of pressure even when they’re not on the dispenser. This makes it simple to pour a serving of one beer, then easily switch bags over so you can serve another beer without losing quality.

If you’re serious about your beer, then the Synek opens up a whole new way to access world of craft beers. You can travel with the Synek bags and fill them straight from the brewer – if a brewer can fill a growler, they can fill a Synek.

Synek has been successfully funded through Kickstarter and first shipments are set for early 2015. The makers of Synek are already educating brewers about the benefits the Synek system will bring them – they’ll be expecting you.

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