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  • GogglePal


    May 19, 15 • 957 Views • GearNo Comments

    If there’s one thing better than a shiny new gadget that can do something amazing it’s a shiny new gadget that can do something amazing with something you’ve already got. The tech market is still fairly devoid of HUD-based stuff but this is an area that...

  • TravelTime

    Patek Philippe 5524G Calatrava Pilot Travel Time

    Apr 14, 15 • 1232 Views • Accessories, StyleNo Comments

    Sometimes less is more, and when it comes to timepieces a minimalist approach combined with premium materials and manufacture is surely one of the best ways to get yourself noticed. Such is the case with the Patek Philippe 5524G Calatrava Pilot Travel Time...

  • shwood

    Shwood Eyewear Newspaper Collection

    Apr 10, 15 • 677 Views • GearNo Comments

    Picture the scene – it’s your first meeting at a creative design company and you’re expected to impress.  “How about turning old newspapers into sunglasses” you blurt out, nervously. Everyone goes quiet. You move to get your coat when the boss...

  • SirenPro

    iLuv SyrenPro

    Jan 12, 15 • 573 Views • GearNo Comments

    These days, everyone’s a DJ. Now that we’re all carrying devices around that can hold entire libraries of music it’s almost impossible to play some of your own tunes at a party or social gathering without someone else wanting in on the action. Being a...

  • HelgrayWatch

    Helgray Silverstone Racing Chronograph Watch

    Dec 27, 14 • 1046 Views • Accessories, StyleNo Comments

    Unlike almost every other modern accessory, a great looking watch is based on classic, timeless designs that are unique in, well, standing the test of time. Helgray is a new Kickstarter-based watch company whose ethos is just that, and continues to expand its...

  • FlowPockets

    Flow Pockets / Natural

    Dec 5, 14 • 866 Views • Accessories, StyleNo Comments

    Fancy gadgets need fancy cases to keep them safe, and thankfully premium material manufacturers are delivering. Here we have something else for the Apple market – it’s called the Flow Pockets / Natural. It’s lovingly designed to keep your MacBook Air or...

  • Slate_1

    Slate Mobile AirDesk

    Feb 7, 14 • 896 Views • GearNo Comments

    What is it with big slabs of wood with holes cut in it recently? We’ve already rather cynically assessed the last attempt at marketing this sort of thing, and then along comes the Slate Mobile AirDesk. There is a little more going on here though – first...