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  • NeptuneDuo

    Neptune Duo Smartwatch

    Mar 18, 15 • 729 Views • GearNo Comments

    The technology industry is waiting with bated breath for Apple to release its smart watch. Not because it’s necessarily better than what is around already, but because smart watches haven’t really taken off and nobody really knows if they ever will. Going...

  • pplkpr


    Feb 11, 15 • 1579 Views • AppsNo Comments

    Most of us are used to technology sticking its nose into pretty much every aspect of our lives – hell a lot of us even embrace it, but we think that there’s a line somewhere on the horizon that signifies when it’s gone too far. Standing astride this...

  • FlowPockets

    Flow Pockets / Natural

    Dec 5, 14 • 866 Views • Accessories, StyleNo Comments

    Fancy gadgets need fancy cases to keep them safe, and thankfully premium material manufacturers are delivering. Here we have something else for the Apple market – it’s called the Flow Pockets / Natural. It’s lovingly designed to keep your MacBook Air or...

  • Gif

    GIF Keyboard

    Oct 27, 14 • 1106 Views • AppsNo Comments

    Animated GIFs have seen a bit of a comeback since people realised they could share short videos on their Smartphone quite easily and websites like Vine started handing out awards. Providing people with a nice, efficient way of managing this sort of thing is a...

  • iMac

    iMac (with 5K Retina display)

    Oct 22, 14 • 897 Views • GearNo Comments

    Apple may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but there’s no doubting they know how to nail down great-looking design. Though Smartphones from rivals such as HTC can at least hold an argument for superior aesthetic, an area where Apple still remains head and...

  • hard-craft-classic-hc1

    Classic HG iPhone 6 Case | hard graft

    Oct 10, 14 • 1476 Views • Accessories, StyleNo Comments

    Let’s talk about leather.  For some people anything approaching the look and feel of tanned animal hide is enough, but for others you can’t beat the care and sophistication that’s tied to premium, authentic material. The Classic HG has this in spades,...