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  • beer-freeze

    Beer Freeze

    Oct 20, 14 • 1490 Views • Gear, KitchenNo Comments

    When you’re aching for a beer and there are none in the fridge there are very few options available – either suck in a warm brewski or park one in the freezer and wait patiently until it’s ready. So really, there’s no option at all, unless you have a...

  • Krewser

    Kreweser Electric Trike (With Cooler)

    Sep 16, 14 • 941 Views • RidesNo Comments

    It’s very difficult to ride an electric tricycle to your destination without getting pelted by rotten fruit and associated projectiles from onlookers who aren’t prepared for your particular brand of awesome. One way to do this without going through this...

  • We Make Beer

    We Make Beer

    Aug 22, 14 • 1186 Views • Books & Magazines, MediaNo Comments

    There’s a difference between “I’d love a beer” and “l love beer”, and we’re not just talking about the life-changes of an alcoholic. The perfect craft beer may not command quite the esteem amongst the middle classes as a fine wine, but requires...

  • YetiHopper

    Yeti Hopper

    Aug 5, 14 • 893 Views • GearNo Comments

    Anyone who leaves a cool-bag off their essentials list during the summer has a serious problem with the fact that some drinks need to be kept real damn cold. We’re talking about beer of course, though at a pinch (and if accompanied by a woman), white wine...

  • Cold beer in mugs.

    16 Prominent Beers Considered (World Cup Edition)

    Jul 18, 14 • 2758 Views • FeaturesNo Comments

    A World Cup happened in 2014, so to celebrate we at FatalDose did what every good man should do – book as much time off work as possible and enjoy the World’s Premier football entertainment festival with good friends, and good beer. On this occasion we...

  • Beercandy


    May 25, 13 • 1678 Views • Grub, Hot ReadsNo Comments

    Candy is delicious. As is beer. So how in the hell did it take someone this long to combine the two? Well, we can’t answer that question. But we’re sure glad it’s here now. Beercandy takes jelly, taffy, caramels, and hard candy, and then...