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  • RailywayHouse

    Railway House

    Jun 4, 15 • 976 Views • HabitatNo Comments

    It’s not entirely clear why this semi-detached house decided to separate itself from its neighbour, but going by the interiors we’re guessing it’s not because the owners of the Railway House were frustrated with the loud music but couldn’t afford to...

  • WallHouse

    Wall House

    Apr 10, 15 • 900 Views • HabitatNo Comments

    For most retired couples having a (presumably) unruly child request that they want to move back home would involve shifting a few bits of furniture around and having the Dad begrudgingly clear out his “quiet room” to make room for a sofa bed. Not so if...

  • TreeSnakeHouse

    Tree Snake House

    Apr 1, 15 • 876 Views • HabitatNo Comments

    If Robin Hood were alive today we have a feeling he’d be giving far less of the money stolen from the rich to the poor and far more of it perfecting the interiors of his Tree Snake House. This rather unusual arboreal project based in Pedras Salgadas in...

  • CasaIncubo

    casa incubo

    Jan 28, 15 • 955 Views • HabitatNo Comments

    If you were asked somewhere for dinner only to find out that person lived in a bunch of old shipping containers you’d probably politely decline, but in the case of Maria José Trejos you’d be making a mistake. Architect and creator of Casa Incubo, Trejos...

  • HelloHouse

    Hello House

    Jan 21, 15 • 796 Views • HabitatNo Comments

    You’d be forgiven for thinking that the Hello House is simply a rather elaborate Lego construction created by someone who’d been saving up all those white bricks people never use. In reality this Victorian shophouse in Melbourne, Australia has been...

  • LeaningHouse

    Praud Leaning House

    Nov 6, 14 • 923 Views • HabitatNo Comments

    It would be perfectly reasonable of you to ask exactly why someone would want to live in a house that leans. There are many reasons – it can maximise the amount of natural light that enters during the day, it can increase the internal floor space, it can...

  • Bunkie


    Aug 11, 14 • 989 Views • HabitatNo Comments

    There’s a distinct correlation between a man’s age and the amount of time he spends on the toilet. As we age we get more responsibility – needy kids, a nagging wife, debt collectors that won’t stop banging on the front door, and as the only room in...

  • car-park-house

    Car Park House | Anonymous Architects

    Jan 13, 14 • 1344 Views • HabitatNo Comments

    If you often find yourself out for a gentle drive around the Los Angeles area, with half an eye on the road and the other half on the lookout for a building that might serve as a haven during the inevitable zombie apocalypse (and if not, why not?) then the...