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  • avengers

    Avengers 2: Age of Ultron Official Final Trailer

    Apr 19, 15 • 1049 Views • Movies & Shows, VideosNo Comments

    There’s a fair bit of anticipation for the Avengers sequel. Over the years it’s been painfully demonstrated that “less is more” when it comes to cramming multiple fantastical characters on screen, but the first Avengers was a rare occasion in which a...

  • terminator

    Terminator: Genisys Official Trailer

    Dec 27, 14 • 1080 Views • Media, Movies & ShowsNo Comments

    The Terminator franchise took a bit of a dip with the last couple of instalments so we’re a bit wary about Hollywood looking to bleed it some more. Luckily the trailer for the new Genisys film not only got us excited but reassured us that there could well...

  • Margot3

    Margot Robbie

    Aug 20, 14 • 1660 Views • WomenNo Comments

    Neighbours seems like a bit of a feeder club for hot actresses who want to “make” it in the movie biz. The Australian soap that has been running since time began can boast highlights such as Melissa George, Holly Valance, Radha Mitchell, Madeleine West...

  • Film reel.

    125 Movies That Absolutely Every Man Should See

    Jul 17, 14 • 287374 Views • Features41 Comments

    Compiling a list of the 125 films every man must see was no easy task – personal favourites were discarded, profanity was rampant and it became abundantly clear exactly why nobody likes to see a grown man cry. But we did it – 125 masterful movies that...