Tensegrity 1 Elite

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Space – it’s the last frontier in tent design. Now Tensegrity designers have tipped conventional tent design on its head by putting more space where you need and want it most – up near your head and shoulders. A few other neat tricks help conserve space and prevent the usual small-tent stumbles. From inside the tent, it’s easy to access a gear storage area that’s outside the tent, but still under cover and away from the doorway. Another great plus is that there are no guy lines in front of the doors to trip over.

Tents for one or two people (Tensegrity comes in one- and two-person models) are usually bog standard, but this tents is so versatile that no one picture can do them justice. There are three different set-up configurations. The Standard configuration provides maximum protection against the weather, while the Stargazing pitch is for when the weather is great, and it allows for more ventilation and visibility, with “windows” providing 270° visibility and 360° ventilation.

The Open pitch turns a large tarp panel into an awning for a “porch” area with open views. This pitch requires poles, but you can use trekking poles of any length (accessory pole sets are also available).

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