Terminator: Genisys Official Trailer

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The Terminator franchise took a bit of a dip with the last couple of instalments so we’re a bit wary about Hollywood looking to bleed it some more. Luckily the trailer for the new Genisys film not only got us excited but reassured us that there could well be life in the old cybernetic organism yet.

Call it a reboot or a reimagining if you like this could simply continue where the previous mythos left off because time travel, the ultimate get out of jail free card. What we seem to have here is a revision of the original film from an alternate reality, and it ticks very important boxes that’ll get fans drooling, such as liquid-metal Terminator, Kyle Reese and of course, Arnie.

Two Arnies in fact – good Arnie actually goes back in time to fight the original bad Arnie from the first film. Confused much? Well you don’t need to be. Check out the trailer for a vague stapling together of these plot points and then just focus on how much you want to see this film, slated for release in July 2015.

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