Tesla Model S 70D

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Tesla has been leading the charge in the all-electric motor arena for some time and thankfully things have moved on since the strange, pseudo-futuristic, bubbly conceptions of yesteryear. Here’s something they’re introducing right now – the Model S 70D, and while it still has more than a whiff of “practical family car” about it, petrol heads are far from its target market so this might be no bad thing.

Plus the performance is quite impressive – 0-60 in 5.2 seconds is hardly slow, neither is the 140mph top speed, and you’ll get 250 miles out of a “full tank” going by an average speed of 65mph – not drastically less distance than you’d cover before you have to stop for a refuel in a standard car. It’s all-wheel drive too, with two motors at the front and rear to help offer excellent traction control and improve efficiency even further.

There are a fair few goodies on the inside with Autopilot hardware including a 17” touchscreen display, Wi-Fi connectivity, voice activated controls, traffic-aware cruise control, self-parking and blind spot navigation. Just remember all of this gadgetry is sapping your precious electricity so try to spend some time actually driving the thing yourself.

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