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The Bug Movie trailer

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Would it be churlish of us to describe the Volkswagen Beetle as a “Marmite” car? Some people like it apparently. Actually they love it – eulogise about it – it’s one of the most iconic staples of motoring history and this is despite the fact that it’s hardly a stunner, is far from comfortable to drive and made a noise like it was dragging a dozen shopping trolleys in its wake. But the fuel economy was good and none of this really matters because when a car captures people’s hearts that’s all it takes to create a legend.

And there are a lot of people. It’s the longest running and most manufactured vehicle of a single design platform in the history of car manufacturing and has shipped around 21 million units – far more than Henry Ford managed with the Model T. It’s currently the fourth bestselling car of all time, and some folks, like those featured in this video, describe it as a member of their family and are genuinely concerned that “The Bug” is on the verge of extinction.

Like it or loathe it, there can be little doubting its place in history – roll the trailer for a glimpse into the passion of those that really do care about the good old Beetle.

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