Picture of The Eat-A-Bug Cookbook.

The Eat-A-Bug Cookbook

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Do you remember in Elementary school, when you used to eat bugs to impress girls? It’s unfortunate that that time-tested seduction strategy has such diminishing returns after puberty. Luckily, the world of novelty cookbooks is here to help you step up your arthropod au gratin. The Eat-A-Bug Cookbook is a collection of insect and arachnid oriented recipes for the discerning palette. We can’t guarantee that every girl will be effectively seduced by beetle bisque, but we can guarantee that all the ones who are will be interesting.

The new edition of the book offers dozens of recipes for frying, baking, and boiling the insect kingdom with glossy, full-color illustrations and lengthy discussions of the health and environmental benefits of chowing down on cockroaches. The perfect gag gift for an aspiring chef, this book is a must-have for anyone who really wants a mouth full of spiders.

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