The Glenlivet Nàdurra Dram Chair

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There are connoisseurs, and then there are people who take their particular form of tipple a little too seriously. These people are going to love the Dram Chair – a celebration of all things Glenlivet, and designed to be the “ultimate” Dram Chair, as if there’s a broad market for this sort of thing.

It’s lightweight because it “encourages the user to travel with it to the find the most ideal setting for Scotch enjoyment”, though we’d suggest anyone who actually does this is a few drams short of a full bottle.  The body is made of Aberdeen Angus leather – because Glenlivet must taste better if you’re sitting on material that comes from the same country. And the overall aesthetic is curvilinear and organic, just like a bottle of a Glenlivet – because you’d look stupid drinking whiskey sitting on a sofa.

Let’s give Glenlivet the benefit of the doubt and assume this marketing spiel is intended to be used firmly with tongue in cheek – what we can say without sarcasm is that this is one damn fine looking chair.

Made to order, etched and numbered individually, you can take a look at the hard work and precision that goes into it right here:

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