The Ice Cream Bar

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The Ice Cream Bar claims it discovered that alcohol and ice cream are good bedfellows by accident after someone spilled a beer near an ice cream maker. The staff at the Ice Cream Bar have obviously never been students – we discovered Ice Cream and booze concoctions back in the 90s, but then everything from Fish Fingers to Pot Noodles was subject to the vodka treatment before (and after) a night on the town.

One thing we are willing to concede is that the Ice Cream Bar’s “cocktails” are most probably far more palatable – it has after all made a business out of perfecting the right recipes. In fact there are over a dozen ice cream and sorbet flavours made with both liquor and craft ales.

There are classic flavours such as White Russian, Mojito Sorbet and Bourbon Butter Pecan, and less well known “Frozen Pints”, which include Malted Milk Chocolate Stout, Honey IPA and Brown Ale Chip. We’re willing to bet they taste great – there’s a location finder on the website so if you’re in the area, be sure to stop in for a double scoop.

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