The Insect Cookbook

The Insect Cookbook: Food for a Sustainable Planet

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You might turn your nose up, but if insects were good enough as food for John the Baptist and hundreds of millions of people in Asia and Africa, then they’re good enough for you. Oh, wait, you’ve been eating them already – you just didn’t know. In this book, two entomologists and a chef argue that insects are not only a sustainable source of protein for us, they’re a necessary part of our future diet.

So what’s so irksome? After all, honey is basically just bee vomit and crabs are effectively the cockroaches of the sea. Should we be so surprised when this book wonderfully details all the insects considered delicacies around the world? The US FDA sets limits for us to eat insects in many everyday foods already – up to 2500 aphids go into every 10 grams of the hops that makes our beer, and a conservative estimate is that for every 100kg of chocolate you eat, one kilogram is bugs.

Once you stomach these facts, you’ll welcome this book’s guide to which insects are edible, where to buy them, how to store and prepare them, and a range of simple recipes that still have the international flair of the most chic dishes.

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