The Lowline

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New York City isn’t short of ambitious projects at the moment, from the dizzying heights of luxurious abodes to this stunning underground renovation – the Lowline. Here we have a 1908 trolley terminal, which has been discontinued and left unused since 1948 being converted into a futuristic subterranean utopia to help create more green space for city residents to enjoy.

Importantly it retains the history and character of early 20th century Manhattan with remnant cobblestones, crisscrossing rail tracks and vaulted ceilings, but will also feature a healthy dose of modern technology through the use of a series of solar panels. These are designed to work as “remote skylights”, capturing the sun above ground before running through a fiberoptic channel to sunlight domes beneath the surface, recreating the kind of sunlight required to support photosynthesis to enable plants and trees to grow.

A full scale prototype of the technology has already been built and successfully demonstrated, and the current plan is to wrap up negotiations and secure permission to build and operate the underground park, with an estimated completion date of 2018.

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