The Meld Smart Knob

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There’s something rather suspicious about celebrity chefs who batter their way around a kitchen like they’re putting out invisible fires on the way to whipping up a nice pasta dish, because they never seem to have to attend to the hob. Either these supreme cooks reach such a high level of culinary awareness that they can control the oven with their mind, or there’s some sort of witchcraft or alien intervention involved (or they just cut that bit out in the editing suite. Ed).

Regardless, there’s something on offer here that can help you achieve a similar state of zen-like control and it comes courtesy of Kickstarter. By donating your hard-earned to this particular campaign you could be the recipient of a Smart Knob. Let’s not get lewd, but instead explain that this little marvel can take care of your cooking by automatically (and mechanically) adjusting the knob on your oven to the correct temperature, controlled in part by a sensor placed into a pan and also by your smartphone, where you can adjust settings remotely from the comfort of the TV chair.

Essentially it claims to allow you to cook food at the perfect temperature, “just like a professional chef — without the cost or years of training”, and we’re definitely up for some of that.

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